A Season of Change

Session Four - Dog's Breakfast

It is early spring in the Exchange District, and unseasonably warm.

Roger, Arni and Lennard encounter a frantic young man who is being pursued by a pack of baying hounds. They overcome him, and it’s quickly apparent that they want the large black candle that the youth is desperately clutching. The group fends off the hounds with a scaffold, a handful of sand and an impolite finger; they pursue the youth as quickly as possible, finding him bleeding and exhausted in a bus stop. Lennard suggests that they take him to his apartment to treat the wounds and find out what caused this.

The youth, one Keith Fraser, turns out to be working with his aunt Abigail to calm the restless spirits at the Vaughn Street Jail. She requires the candle, with a number of caveats: it cannot leave his hand without losing its power, and it must arrive before sundown that day. With less than an hour before evening, Roger and Arni decide to escort Keith to his destination and worry about a return on investment later. Lennard reluctantly agrees.

Fast travel to the jail proves to be difficult, as both Roger and Lennard have their tires slashed by a mysterious, oddly-dressed youth. Pressed for time, an exasperated Lennard suggests that the group go by foot. They quickly make their way there, cutting through Portage Place mall in an effort to avoid the pursuing dogs. A security guard is seen accosting a young man with red, puffy eyes; he is dressed much like the one that had disabled their vehicles. The group realizes that these teenagers may very well be shapeshifters; they were the dogs attacking Keith earlier that day. The group avoids any further trouble and exit onto Vaughn Street, mere blocks from their destination.

Despite their efforts, it’s too late; a pack of dogs approach them at great speed and go directly for Keith. Arni is able to shield the teenager from the brunt of their attacks, taking a number of serious wounds from the snapping jaws. Lennard and Roger attempt to fend the dogs off with little success. Still doubting the validity of Keith’s mission, Lennard attempts to wrest the candle away to get rid of the beasts, but Keith hangs doggedly on to it. Arni hefts the youth and makes a desperate play for the door, running across the near-frictionless street with the dogs in pursuit. His heavy boots provide better traction than paws, and he makes it to the door before the shapeshifters can pick up speed.

Abigail is waiting for them at the doors, and the group makes it inside before the dogs can catch up. The candle is passed on to Abigail, and she successfully completes her ritual.



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