A Season of Change

Session Two - The Birth of Plan B

The gang flee Megan’s apt and regroups back at Roger’s sanctum. Lennard is a hardcore badass and pours rubbing alcohol into his facial wound. After everyone else quits cringing, they decide to set the hornets free and leave the snake at Roger’s while they head back to the King’s Heel and look up that ectomancer who involuntarily emitted the ghost at the bar.

Fred Bailey makes an appearance at nine, gets spooked by Joe’s ham-handed attempts to be the Voice of Authority and then books it across Market Square. (Cat and Mouse contest) Joe gets hung up by the crowds in the stage area and Lennard is recognized by the band playing and gets separated from the rest of the group (A Compel of his Put on Centre Stage aspect). Arni manages to close the gap but Roger’s attempt to finger Fred as a thief doesn’t even remotely work, and Fred makes it across Main Street and away.

Luckily his friends back at the bar spill the beans about Fred’s new girlfriend Megan, whom they’d assumed was fake. They also have his cell phone number, and a really magnificent Deceit roll on Roger’s part gets Fred worried enough about Megan’s safety to tell Roger about the ghost he put on hold for Megan, and the amulet he gave her to call it up.

Confronting Megan didn’t work out so well for the gang last time, so they decide to scope out the theatre. The place is buzzing with students in rehearsal for the next evening. The poster for Megan’s show indicates she has drums and actors accompanying her show. Lennard’s attempt to infiltrate the musicians goes really badly, but he manages to overhear Megan talking on her cell to some other party about the ritual. She’s found a replacement snake, but needs hornets, and that she thought they had to come from “her side.” The person on the other end reassures her, apparently, and Megan hangs up. Lennard gets out before she sees him.

Joe scores the last two tickets to the show and the gang retires to plan their strategy.



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