Árni Goodmunson

A farmer from the Interlake region of Manitoba.



High Concept

  • Farmer
  • Child of Thor


  • Alone in my Faith

Other Aspects

  • My grandfather made me this sigil
  • “I lost my children once, I won’t lose my friends”
  • Reluctant hero
  • I got your back
  • Eye of the Storm


  • Great (+4)
    • Conviction
  • Good (+3)
    • Weapons
    • Craftmanship
  • Fair (+2)
    • Endurance
    • Might
  • Average (+1)
    • Survival
    • Empathy
    • Athletics
    • Rapport
    • Presence
    • Fists

Stunts and Powers

  • Bless This House
  • Guide My Hand
  • Jury-Rigger
  • Devout Words

Phase One – Where Did You Come From?

A farmer in the Gimli area, from a long line of farmers, all of whom worship Thor. Árni’s grandfather made his son an anvil pendant, a sigil of Thor, before he was shipped out to battle in WWII. Árni’s father died fighting at Normandy, storming the beach. Árni’s grandfather passed it on to remind his grandson that his father now lives a warriors life in the halls of Valhalla. He never takes the sigel off and it never tarnishes.
Aspect: My Grandfather Gave Me This Sigil

Phase Two – What Shaped You?

Lost his wife and children due to his unwavering faith. Wife refused to allow their children to be raised as disciples of Thor. She took Amy and Siggi away when they were 5 and 6.
Aspect: “I lost my children once, I won’t loose my friends”

Phase Three – What Was Your First Adventure?

Thor has told Árni that he’s needing in the city of Winnipeg to stop a devote of Loki’s from burning down the West End. Crossing paths with Joe, they form a strong bond over their working class roots.
Aspect: Blue Collar Pride

Phase Four – Whose Path Have You Crossed?

Roger’s first major task was to track down a kidnapped girl. Not getting any help from the police he takes matters into his own hands. Roger needed some muscle to watch his back and Árni’s been getting good with a hammer of late…
Aspect: I Got Your Back, Man

Phase Five – Who Else’s Path Have You Crossed?

Leonard’s performances are so electric he’s been catching people’s attention. Roger warned him that some of these people are White Court Vampires. Invited to one of his shows, Árni helps Leonard escape the White Court when the show erupted into a riot. Keeping his cool allowed them both to escape untouched.
Aspect: Eye of the Storm

Harriet: Árni’s landlady. Being of the same age range and also from the Interlake region (she grew up in Steep Rock) she feels a kinship with Árni. Also, she desperately needs a third for bridge and has been trying to get Árni to join her club for months.

Paul: A mechanic from Fraserwood and has known Árni for over 2 decades now. The closest thing Árni has to a best friend, but still doesn’t know why Árni’s wife took the kids and left. He does a monthly run to Costco and usually overnights in Árni’s apartment.

Terry: 25 years old. Met Árni at the local 4H club when he was a young teen and had been helping Árni with the harvest since he was 17. Has moved to Winnipeg to get his Diesel Mechanic Certification from Red River College. He hopes to work in northern Manitoba at an ice road trucking company.

Árni Goodmunson

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