Joe O’Keith


Template: Emissary of Power
High Concept: Neglected emissary of the capricious, unknowable dragon Maltoruk
Trouble: In over my head
Someone’s gotta do it and it may as well be me
Winter hates my guts
It’s time to call in a favor
Everyone knows my face
There’s always another way

Base Refresh 6
Adjusted Refresh 3

Superb (5):
Great (
4): Conviction
Good (3): Athletics, Fists
Fair (
2): Deceit, Endurance, Lore
Average (+1): Contacts, Empathy, Investigation, Presence

Stunts & Powers
Marked by Power (-1)
Soulgaze (-1)
Mana Static (-1)
Wizards Constitution (0)

Stress 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Physical        
Mental        
Social        
Armor, Etc:


Phase Aspect: Someone’s gotta do it and it may as well be me
Joe was raised in a blue collar family and taught to always work hard and be self reliant. He has no family left in Canada but has some distant relatives oversees. There wasn’t much money growing up so Joe didn’t have an opportunity to get a higher education after high school, despite being a relatively bright student and quick learner. He’s spent most of his adult life working construction or janitorial jobs to get by.

Rising Conflict
Phase Aspect: Winter hates my guts
While working for the city doing landscaping Joe accidentally trespassed on territory claimed by the winter court and disturbed several ritual sites. The local representative of the Winter court demanded Joe be turned over to them for punishment but the dragon Maltoruk stepped in to declare Joe as his emissary and local representative. Joe hasn’t been able to figure out why the dragon did this beyond wanting to piss off the Winter court.

The Story
Phase Aspect: It’s time to call in a favor
Joe had to hit the ground running as Maltoruk immediately tasked him with gathering information on one of his rivals to undermine their power and influence. Joe had to seek out help in learning to use his new found powers and in navigating supernatural politics. Fortunately he succeeded in his task but only by owing people more favors then he cares to think about.

Guest Star (Arni)
Phase Aspect: Everyone knows my face
Normally quiet and reserved, Arni is being compelled by Thor to fight a disciple of Loki in the big city. This disciple has been setting fire to homes in the West End, endangering the lives of the people there. Joe uses his contacts and notoriety to provide Arni with clues as to the identity of the arsonist.

Guest Star (Roger)
Phase Aspect: There’s always another way
Roger is tracking down a kidnapped child and Arni is backing him up. Maltoruk has tasked Joe with bringing him the tears of a terrified child. Joe works out a deal with Roger so they can both accomplish their missions.

Joe O’Keith

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